Forward Looking Back

Ensemble: Piano solo
Duration: 15:00 minutes





“Dorothy Hindman’s solo piano Forward Looking Back combined the freedom of Charles Ives with the shimmer of Claude Debussy, without mimicking those composers. Its allure lies with its passion and lyricism, which seem to bound past any stylistic restraints.”
~Michael Huebner, “New York, Birmingham duel by using new compositions,” The Birmingham News, Tuesday, August 5, 2003

“Dorothy Hindman’s Forward Looking Back was given a commanding performance by Marc Couroux. This is music of terrific romantic gesture. Particularly attractive was a dreamy mood movement, a kind of improvisation for a night in the city.”
~Thomas Putnam, “June Bugs: Young Composers are grounded in the past,” The Buffalo News, June 10, 1994

Program Notes:

Forward Looking Back (1991-92) suite for solo piano, 15 minutes total.
Six movements: Turning Apples, Slicing Screws, Concentricity, Implicit Wish, Release, Wanting – Night Music, and Linger. Odd numbered movements are longer and thematically and for the most part conceptually unrelated. Even numbered movements are quite short and are composed upon material directly quoted from all three of the longer movements, with formal juxtaposition serving as the main compositional technique. The six pieces can be performed separately or in small groups in any order, or in entirety, as in a traditional suite.

Premiere: December 1992
Mary Kaufman
Uncommon Practice Concert
University of Miami, FL

European Premiere: May 1995
Kolumna New Music Festival
Kolumna, RUSSIA

Publisher: Subito Music Distributors