Guitar quartet
Duration: 9:30 minutes


“… a dramatic, highly strung piece.”
~Maria Nockin. “Corona Gtr Qrt: TAUT on ALBANY,” Classical Reviews, Fanfare Magazine, July 20, 2015

Program Notes:

Taut, adj.  1.  Tightly drawn, as in a rope.  2.  Emotionally tense.
Taut for guitar quartet takes its inspiration from the physical way in which the strings are drawn across the bodies of the four instruments.  Taut manifests this physical tension through very tight ensemble playing and heightened emotional states.  Taut also attempts to tightly draw in the listener through a number of musical devices including abrupt formal shifts, repetition, and timbral effects.  Taut is very tightly organized, spun out from four related rhythmic/harmonic motives presented at the outset of the work.  This unison idea is worked out four times into different types of polyphony/heterophony (: first scales, then heterophony, then harmonics, and finally rasqueado chords). Taut was written in the summer of 2003 for the Corona Guitar Kvartet.

Premiere: Oct. 2, 2004
Corona Guitar Kvartet
Buffalo, NY, Toronto, Canada and Birmingham, AL
Commissioner: Corona Guitar Kvartet

Recordings:  Tightly Wound: Music for Strings, innova 965, and Taut, Corona Guitar Kvartet, Albany TROY 1540
Available on iTunes and Amazon, and wherever digital media is sold.