Ensemble: speaking saxophonist and speaking percussionist
Duration: 8 minutes

Program Notes:

R.I.P.T. addresses the epidemic of gun violence and murder of young black men, as poignantly captured in the new tradition of creating memorial T-shirts with the pictures of the murdered men’s faces.  Some members of the Miami community have over two dozen of these shirts; there is an entire business devoted to making them; and at one point, within one month, a collage shirt featuring 20 faces was created.  The music draws its source material from “Beef” by L’il Reese, L’il Durk, and Fredo Santana.  “Beef” was the song playing when David Dunn murdered Jordan Russell Davis, in an altercation that began because Dunn felt the music was playing too loudly in the SUV Davis was riding in.

R.I.P.T. was written in 2014 for Jan Baker and Stuart Gerber.

Jan Baker, saxophone
Stuart Gerber, percussion
Bent Frequency Duo
Commissioners: Stuart Gerber and Jan Baker